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Project Q Security Ltd is a prestigious security company founded upon 26 years’ of global experience operating at the highest echelons. 


Providing executive close protection, diplomatic bodyguard services, chauffeurs and static security guards.


Our vast array of clientele include; senior members of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries, CEO’s, HNW VIPs, Celebrities, Residential Property, Corporate Businesses' and Assets.

Tailoring a unique level of security to every type of prestigious event and location. 

Highly experienced in advising military, government, corporate, small business and individuals on all aspects of security.

With a full understanding of the wider protection role drawing on a vast knowledgebase in providing a holistic and unique service.

We specifically design, comprehensively plan and methodically implement a bespoke level of protection for every category of client.

Utilising the specialist skills of highly trained, hand picked, licensed experts. Drawn from Military (Including Elite & Special Forces), Intelligence, Specialist Police and Corporate Security backgrounds.